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So because many of you have asked, going from my very rough tally of the confirmations so far:

As of mid-September, we have just gone over $18 000 (US) of confirmed donations!

and this is not including predonations, donations of some offerers who matched bids, and all the people who have not confirmed donations with us yet (and there are still LOTS of you who have not, so please do that asap.) We would love to make this number bigger and I'm sure it will be once everything gets sent in and entered and tabulated properly. And please remember to donate however much you can outside the auction as well because even though the media coverage is no longer as extensive as it was some weeks ago, the flood victims continue to need the support and organizations are still accepting donations and putting them to use.

Still, eighteen thousand us dollars is a good amount of money that would not have been donated to the cause if it weren't for your participation.

Thank you so much to all our offerers and bidders, and everyone who helped and participated in this past round!

I am extremely grateful for everyone's contributions in whichever way and you should all feel good about being a part of this!



1. if you have still not reached your offerer, PLEASE DO SO ASAP. I'm currently in the process of chasing down missing winners but the general consensus is this -- if you are a winning bidder and have been contacted by your offerer and/or a mod and have still not reached your offerer by this coming weekend, we will notify the second highest bidder on the thread as the winner and assume you are no longer interested in participating. We have already been very lenient with times and communication so we please request that you help us out by either getting in touch if you are still interested in participating or if you are no longer interested. It's fine either way; just please don't leave the other person hanging.

2. Same goes for people who have not reached their winning bidders. If you are an offerer and have not contacted your winning bidder in return, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating and set your winner up with a pinch hit.


And it goes without saying that the Oct 1st deadline will not apply in these cases where the offerer has been contacted very late in the game.

3. We've had talk and questions about future rounds. I cannot guarantee another round being set up earlier than some time in October. We will try, however, to do something like a lightning round if it takes too long to get to another full-auction.

Thank you again and, as always, please make use of the questions post for questions.
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