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Links to All Offering Posts

Please make offers and bids on the respective posts:

Word Offerings (fanfic, original fic, printed writing, other related services, etc)

Art Offerings (not graphics) (fanart, original art, designs, prints, 3-D art or accessories, fanvid, photography, etc)

Audio Offerings (podfics, original music, fanmixes, audio editing services, etc)

Freebie Offerings (beta services or icons/banners for contributing authors, etc)

Misc. Offerings (anything not covered above or combination-packages)

Pinch-hit Offerings (sign-ups for those of you who are willing to offer 'back-ups' in case we have offerers drop-out)

Once again, the goal for this round will be for things that can be delivered by October 1st (please ignore the Feb 14th on the misc. offerings post). If you will need more time to complete your project/deliver, please make this clear on your offering comment so that your bidders are aware of this beforehand.

If you have any questions, please ask them over here.
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