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Pinch-hitter Offers (All types)

So first of all: the response has been amazing, you guys! I may or may not have teared up earlier today.

I will make a post later about some common concerns that have come up in the questions post but for now, because our offering is well underway, this seems to be a good time for this post.

So we have had some questions about what would happen in the case of unfulfilled offers and about bidders having been left in the dark in the past. This is why we are setting up this post for people who would be willing to volunteer to make an offer in the instance that someone may not get their original one fulfilled (a pinch-hit, in other words). There has also been some interest as people have volunteered to do these.

How to Offer
Please list the type of item and fandom (if relevant) in the Subject to your post.

Paste the following into the Comment window and fill in the non-optional spaces.

If the item will be sent in a package to the winner, please indicate whether the winner will pay shipping, or if you will, or if you'll work it out between the two of you. If there are limitations on where it can be sent, please indicate this too. Additional Info is probably the best place but a comment to your original post is fine too.

Please no bidding on these posts!

And thank you so much to any and all pinch-hitters for volunteering!

(as always, questions go here)
Tags: offerings, pinch-hits

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