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Important Dates and Updates!

So it seems that Sunday afternoon seems to be the more popular vote for auction closing day and I think because of time-zone issues I will be moving it earlier to around 1 PM (EST) in the afternoon. Since people on GMT and GMT +8 were the only ones to voice concerns on the poll post, I'll say that 1 PM EST my time is about 6 PM GMT and 1 AM GMT +8 (please correct me if I'm wrong and I'll fix it). I tried to make it a less crazy hour but I'm sorry because I realize that this is still very early/late for some of you.

Once again:


In line with this, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE NEW OFFERINGS AFTER SATURDAY AFTERNOON (so a day before the bidding closes). We will post another reminder in the next few days. 

If there are still any issues about these dates/times, please speak up on the questions post. I am not planning on changing the times again but I will try to address your concerns as best I can.



1. **OFFERERS AND CHARITY PREFERENCESIf you have a specific charity/aid group from our list that you would like your winning bidder to donate to, please add a comment to your original offering thread to that effect ASAP. This will save everyone additional steps with communication and prevent miscommunication and make the actual donations go through faster because the winners will know where to donate right away.  If, by the time bidding closes, you have not commented about your preferred charity, the default assumption will be that you do not have a preference and the donation will be made to the group of your bidder's choice from our list.

2. **BIDDERS AND SENDING EMAILS - this applies to both the pre-donation confirmations we have been receiving at the gmail account and the donation confirmations we will be getting after the closing of the auction: please, please make sure that your subject includes the words "PRE-DONATION CONFIRMATION" or "DONATION CONFIRMATION" AND YOUR LJ USERNAME. In the body of the email, please paste the URL of the offering thread you've bid on. It is essential that we can connect your email with your username and where you bid or it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for us to connect your confirmations with your bids.

3. amalnahurriyeh has been kind enough to go through the delicious tags for offerings and tag those that have received no bids yet. This place has gotten so amazingly busy so fast that I'm sure many great things are escaping notice. Check them out here!

4. OFFER WITHDRAWALS - Fortunately, this has been a rare thing but things happen and we understand. For any reason, if you are withdrawing your offer, please make a comment on your original offering thread to let your bidders know ASAP.  The sooner you let us know, vs. pulling out at the last minute, the easier it is for everyone involved.

5. We've been getting some questions about the auction closing procedure. There will be a more detailed post about that coming up, but here it is in a nutshell (and thanks to sour_idealist for simplifying it best!):

- Auction closes (Sunday 1 PM EST)
- Mods screen all comments in all offering posts.
- Mods inform winner that they have won.
- Winner donates agreed-upon amount to charity of the offerer's choice (if stated) or of their own choice from the list.
- Winner emails offerer or mods (helppakistan.lj[at] with proof of donation.
- If the offerer receive confirmation, they let mods know via email or comment on our confirmations post (which will be put up before the auction closing)
- If mods receive receive confirmation, we let offerer know
- Offerer and winning bidder discuss details of the requested item (off the community, please use PMs or emails for this)
- Offerer creates/sends requested item, ideally by the deadline (October 1st)
- Round One of Help_Pakistan is successful!

I hope that's clear.

Questions go here.

Also: you guys are AMAZING. All of you. Just throwing that out there :)
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