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Donation Confirmation Station

With the round closing in less than 12 hours, I'm setting up some resources that will be useful once winning bidders are notified.

(On that note, here is a countdown courtesy of kirax2!)

So once the round has closed and the winning bidder has been informed of their win, they will confirm their donation in one of two ways:

1) by notifying the offerer directly, using the email they provided in their thread, OR

2) notifying the mods, who can be reached at helppakistan.lj[at]


Option 1:

If the winner confirms their donation to the offerer, the offerer then needs to reply to this post using the template provided below so we can keep track of the donation. If the offerer had more than one item up for auction, please use a separate template for each item; you can put multiple templates into one comment.

If your bidder ended up donating more specifically for your offer, please leave a note to that effect (such as combined payment for multiple offers, etc) in additional info.



Option 2:

If bidders confirm their donation to the mods, the offeror doesn't have to do anything here. A mod will get in touch with them to let them know that the donation has been confirmed. If winners are sending confirmations to our email, once again, please include your lj username and "donation confirmation" in the subject, and the url of the offering thread somewhere in the body of the email.

Also, please bear in mind that your mods will probably be going through a lot of emails in the next few days and while we are understanding of some people's reservations of sending confirmations to offerers, if you are okay with contacting your offerer and sending them your confirmation, we recommend taking that route. Although we will make sure to pass along word of your confirmation to the offerer, you should be aware that they will find out a bit later this way.

Thank you for your participation! This post will be open for commenting once we start notifying winners (so Sunday afternoon).

If you have any questions in the mean time, please ask them here.


If anyone wants to volunteer to help us notify winners and help out with confirmation logging and housekeeping, please either PM me or comment on the questions post with the subject "volunteer". I have amazing, amazing co-mods helping me out with this but more help would make everything go faster :)
Tags: closing, confirmation, procedures

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