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ROUND 1 BIDDING CLOSED + offerers can now also help with notifications!


All new comments from here on in will be screened. You can still leave questions and we will still see them and try to respond to them even though it may take us a little longer.

PLEASE NOTE: I have decided to allow offerers to contact their winning bidders directly, realizing that this would save us a lot of time. Mods will also continue to do this. Basically, for everyone, if you have seen that someone else (either the offerer or a co-mod) has notified the winner, you don't have to do it again.

In the event where a winner has received more than one notification, don't panic. As long as the winner can send along their confirmation asap to the offerer (or mods), everything should be in working order :)

Offerers, please use the following template to let your winning bidder know that they've won:

Remember, use the following criteria to determine your winner:

A. If the post offers just one item and the highest bidder has won.
B. If the post has more than one of the same item and their bid is in the top number of bids - eg. in the top three for a post with three items - they've won.
C. For posts with multiple items but more identical bids than the number of items, preference is given to earlier bids.

(I don't think I need to say this but I'm hoping that everyone please play fair and notify winners according to these rules and not your friends, by favouritism, etc. Mods will be monitoring all notifications regardless and will contact you if there are any issues with your notification.)

Also: if you need help finding your offer, the delicious account is all updated now and you should be able to search your offerings by typing "by:______" in the search-bar, (your username in the blank).


After you have received your winner's confirmation, please come by our DONATION CONFIRMATION STATION and let us know.

Thank you for participating, everyone! We will keep you posted with our progress and hopefully get everyone notified and their confirmations logged soon!


ETA: you will see some new names helping us with notifications, such as epicflailer and slowascent. Just letting you know that they are official! Thanks for volunteering to help!
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