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So turns out that the email address for the community on the "You won" notification is wrong and this is entirely my absent-minded mistake. (thank you, slowascent  for bringing this to my attention!)

If you won an auction and sent an email confirmation to the mods and just the mods and not your offerer, PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK THAT IT WAS SENT TO helppakistan.lj[at] (rather than help.pakistan[at]gmail...)

Also, I want to repeat to winning bidders that your best option of getting things done in a timely manner is to send your confirmation to the offerer directly. That said, please be careful with what information you send and be sure to redact personal info always. All that is needed in the confirmation is the organization name, some mode of contact info for them, either your first OR last name OR initials, date of payment and amount.

For offerers, if you were contacted by your winning bidder, could you please post at the donation confirmation station rather than sending us an email (unless there is a very unusual situation, etc.).

Also, all comments in questions post are now unscreened and that should be the primary resource for questions.

For the sake of organization (and our sanity) only donation confirmations and queries or details of circumstances that you want to discuss in private should be sent by email.


In terms of notifications, I think we have notified almost all, if not all winners by now though there may be some in the words offerings left whom we will get to today. We are still notifying offerers and in the process of logging your winners/if their confirmations have been sent.

For both winners and offerers, if you've already done everything you need to do (sent confirmations, posted to the DCStation) and you receive our you've won/next steps notifications after this, please don't worry about it. We are just trying to post to everyone so that they have a record of what the procedure is like and a reference to important links.

Thank you so much for being patient and I apologize for that really awful email typo and all the confusion it may have caused.
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