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Deadline reminders and the post where we try to keep track of things

So the official deadline for the offerings to be completed was October 1st but because we haven't been the most organized folks ourselves and we understand that it's been a bit of a chaotic process for everyone to get a hold of each other, we're letting people take a little more time in getting their promised offerings done. That said, unless you and your winning bidders are informed that you will be needing more time for your projects, we are requesting that everyone can get their materials done/sent off by November 1st at the latest.

Also, at the very least, you should most definitely be in touch with your winning bidder or offerer by now or have let the mods know by email or the questions post if you are no longer participating so we can take the neccesary steps on our end.

We understand that there is no way to enforce our rules and deadlines but we ask that you please be respectful of the offerers/winners you're working with and please deliver on your end of things and not keep them in the dark. This entire auction is working on the honour policy and a) we understand and appreciate the fact that you are all doing this out of generosity and b) there really is no way to track anyone down on the internet. Still, we ask that you be considerate of each other and the fact that everyone has already given or is willing to give something, whether it is their time or talent or money, for a very important cause.

As we're getting lots of emails with people not being able to find their respective winner/offerer, we've decided to make this post a place where those of you having such issues can leave a comment. This is to make sure that we don't miss or lose track of the issues as we receive them and, as a bonus, there might be a chance that you'll find someone you were looking for in the comments as they might have also been looking for you (we've already run into a few of these situationswhere PMs and emails seem to have gotten lost). We will try to follow up with these people by whatever method we can (PM/email).

Please use this template to leave a comment:

There will also be a post coming up for sign-ups for those who would like to request pinch-hits, specifically, those winning bidders who have clearly been informed by their offerers that they will not be following up with their offering. For those of you who have not heard back from your offerer yet, we request that you fill out the template here so that we can follow up with your offerer and, if in a week or two, you still hear nothing, you can sign up for a pinch hit on that post. OR, if you do not want to wait or for us to contact them again, you can say something along the lines of "requesting pinch hit" as part of the Additional Notes section.

Please note that this post is only for those people who are having difficulty contacting their offerer/winning bidder. You can use the questions post to voice other concerns.


In other news, we continue to receive donation confirmations. Please, please send them in asap if you have not already and make use of the donation confirmation station as that is probably the quickest and most effective way for us to log them in.

Also, we are hoping to archive all the finished works made for this auction at our delicious account to show off how productive we have been. I will be making a post about that soon where you guys can leave a link to your finished products :)
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