Important Dates and Updates!

So it seems that Sunday afternoon seems to be the more popular vote for auction closing day and I think because of time-zone issues I will be moving it earlier to around 1 PM (EST) in the afternoon. Since people on GMT and GMT +8 were the only ones to voice concerns on the poll post, I'll say that 1 PM EST my time is about 6 PM GMT and 1 AM GMT +8 (please correct me if I'm wrong and I'll fix it). I tried to make it a less crazy hour but I'm sorry because I realize that this is still very early/late for some of you.

Once again:


In line with this, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE NEW OFFERINGS AFTER SATURDAY AFTERNOON (so a day before the bidding closes). We will post another reminder in the next few days. 

If there are still any issues about these dates/times, please speak up on the questions post. I am not planning on changing the times again but I will try to address your concerns as best I can.



1. **OFFERERS AND CHARITY PREFERENCESIf you have a specific charity/aid group from our list that you would like your winning bidder to donate to, please add a comment to your original offering thread to that effect ASAP. This will save everyone additional steps with communication and prevent miscommunication and make the actual donations go through faster because the winners will know where to donate right away.  If, by the time bidding closes, you have not commented about your preferred charity, the default assumption will be that you do not have a preference and the donation will be made to the group of your bidder's choice from our list.

2. **BIDDERS AND SENDING EMAILS - this applies to both the pre-donation confirmations we have been receiving at the gmail account and the donation confirmations we will be getting after the closing of the auction: please, please make sure that your subject includes the words "PRE-DONATION CONFIRMATION" or "DONATION CONFIRMATION" AND YOUR LJ USERNAME. In the body of the email, please paste the URL of the offering thread you've bid on. It is essential that we can connect your email with your username and where you bid or it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for us to connect your confirmations with your bids.

3. amalnahurriyeh has been kind enough to go through the delicious tags for offerings and tag those that have received no bids yet. This place has gotten so amazingly busy so fast that I'm sure many great things are escaping notice. Check them out here!

4. OFFER WITHDRAWALS - Fortunately, this has been a rare thing but things happen and we understand. For any reason, if you are withdrawing your offer, please make a comment on your original offering thread to let your bidders know ASAP.  The sooner you let us know, vs. pulling out at the last minute, the easier it is for everyone involved.

5. We've been getting some questions about the auction closing procedure. There will be a more detailed post about that coming up, but here it is in a nutshell (and thanks to sour_idealist for simplifying it best!):

- Auction closes (Sunday 1 PM EST)
- Mods screen all comments in all offering posts.
- Mods inform winner that they have won.
- Winner donates agreed-upon amount to charity of the offerer's choice (if stated) or of their own choice from the list.
- Winner emails offerer or mods (helppakistan.lj[at]gmail.com) with proof of donation.
- If the offerer receive confirmation, they let mods know via email or comment on our confirmations post (which will be put up before the auction closing)
- If mods receive receive confirmation, we let offerer know
- Offerer and winning bidder discuss details of the requested item (off the community, please use PMs or emails for this)
- Offerer creates/sends requested item, ideally by the deadline (October 1st)
- Round One of Help_Pakistan is successful!

I hope that's clear.

Questions go here.

Also: you guys are AMAZING. All of you. Just throwing that out there :)

News for Canadians and other updates

many of you may have already come across this:

The Honourable John Baird, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, on behalf of the Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, today announced that the Government of Canada has established a Pakistan Floods Relief Fund....

"The Government of Canada will contribute an equivalent amount to the Pakistan Floods Relief Fund for every eligible donation by individual Canadians to Canadian registered charities between August 2 and September 12," said Minister Oda. "This fund will provide effective and accountable financial support to experienced Canadian and international humanitarian and development partner organizations working on humanitarian assistance, early recovery, and reconstruction efforts in the affected areas."

[source: Canadian International Development Agency, here]

Here is a link to CIDA's Pakistan Flood Relief Fund page which has more information.


Other updates:

1. Thank you so much for the paid time for the community! Whoever you are, it is very generous of you

2. We have decided to keep the pinch-hitter offering post open even after the auction closes so it will be an on-going thing. Please keep that in mind and huge amounts of thanks to those of you who have already signed yourselves up :)

3. Charities list has been updated. Thank you to everyone who has brought other organizations to my attention.

4. I would like to back fiercynn's post for pre-donations over here as it is a great initiative. We have already received some emails of confirmations at helppakistan.lj[at]gmail.com so thank you guys for the speedy response! Again, please make sure that if you decide to pre-donate, that it is an amount you are comfortable with donating even in the event that you do not win the auction. We don't want anyone to be disapponted due to any misunderstandings.

Please continue to use the questions post as a resource as we do check it regularly and thank you for being here!
Isabella with a SWORD



First of all, I want to direct bidders who haven't seen it over to the help_pakistan delicious account, where we're trying to bookmark all the offers that have been made and tag them according to offerer, type, and fandom(s) - made for ease of searching! And similarly, anyone who is offering: if you haven't yet done so, it would be very helpful if you could look over the tagging explanation post and then check your bookmark(s) (every offerer has their own tag labeled by:[insert your name] that you can search on the delicious) to make sure they're tagged properly, and if not, please comment on that post to let us know the problem. Thanks!

Secondly: as more and more news comes in from Pakistan, it's evident that not only is too little international aid being pledged towards the disaster, but also the money promised is not getting there fast enough. For any natural disaster, timeliness is obviously very important, but I think it's particularly significant in this situation given that the rains are continuing and the flooding is spreading rapidly.

Since the general consensus of the community seems to be that the ending date for bidding should not be changed, help_pk_mod has kindly allowed me to make a different suggestion to help get money there sooner: pre-donations.

Basically, we want to make it clear that if you donate money ahead of time, it can still be used towards whatever bids you've won after the auction closes. The confirmation process will be the same - just make sure you keep a copy of the confirmation email (or the screencap of the confirmation page) that your charity of choice gives you, and then after the auction closes you can send it either to the person who's offer you won, or to helppakistan.lj[at]gmail.com.

Obviously, the (reasonable!) worry that people have is that if they donate now, they don't know whether or not they'll actually win the bids they want, or if they are donating the right amount of money. If you donate less than the amount you've promised towards whichever bid(s) you win, that's fixed easily enough - just donate the surplus amount and send both confirmations together. However if you don't end up winning the bid(s) you want, or you donate more than you need to - well, there's nothing we can do about that except possibly let you use it towards (potential) further rounds. But know that it is going to any extremely worthy cause, and make sure that if you do pre-donate, you choose an amount that you are comfortable with taking the risk of not winning anything.

I'm sure this is all extremely obvious, but I just wanted to put that out there for anyone who hadn't considered it, or was worried that donations made before the bidding ends wouldn't count. I do ask that to make things easier for the mods, you only use donations that were made starting today - Monday, August 23, 2010 - rather than any you've made in the past. That way we'll be able to log them more easily along with all the other confirmations we'll be receiving next week.

Thanks all! I'm so impressed with all of you and the incredible response we've gotten, I can't even tell you. Happy offering, bidding, and donating!

Poll: Auction Closing Time

because there has been some concern about the present closing time for bidding, Saturday August 28th, 11:59 EST. Unfortunately, the closing time will not be optimal for everyone as we have people from many time zones but this is where you can voice your opinion on the matter.

Also, please note that we would still start closing off new offers roughly 24 hours before the bidding closes.

What time works best for you for the closing of this auction round?

Leave it as is. Saturday August 28 11:59 PM EST
Make it earlier, same day: Saturday August 28 3:00 PM EST
May it a day earlier: Friday August 27 11:59 PM EST
Make it a day later: Sunday August 29 3:00 PM EST


Pinch-hitter Offers (All types)

So first of all: the response has been amazing, you guys! I may or may not have teared up earlier today.

I will make a post later about some common concerns that have come up in the questions post but for now, because our offering is well underway, this seems to be a good time for this post.

So we have had some questions about what would happen in the case of unfulfilled offers and about bidders having been left in the dark in the past. This is why we are setting up this post for people who would be willing to volunteer to make an offer in the instance that someone may not get their original one fulfilled (a pinch-hit, in other words). There has also been some interest as people have volunteered to do these.

How to Offer
Please list the type of item and fandom (if relevant) in the Subject to your post.

Paste the following into the Comment window and fill in the non-optional spaces.

If the item will be sent in a package to the winner, please indicate whether the winner will pay shipping, or if you will, or if you'll work it out between the two of you. If there are limitations on where it can be sent, please indicate this too. Additional Info is probably the best place but a comment to your original post is fine too.

Please no bidding on these posts!

And thank you so much to any and all pinch-hitters for volunteering!

(as always, questions go here)
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searching for offerings: delicious!

Hello all! help_pk_mod has kindly given me posting access so I can clarify a little about the way that offerings are tagged on the help_pakistan delicious account. I find that people tend to tag in many different ways, so hopefully it'll be helpful to have an explanation.

People who are offering things: please skim over this to figure out what your tags should look like in this method, then check your tag(s) to make sure that I have done it right! I've been going through this very quickly and have probably messed up a lot.

Collapse )

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ETA - Collapse )

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Please let me know in the comments IF:

- your offer is tagged incorrectly, or if I don't have you down for the right number of offers.
- you want to offer a suggestion on changing or clarifying tags, especially with regards to differentiating between related fandoms.
- you have any other suggestions, questions, or comments at all, actually!

I'll be periodically updating this post as I make changes, as well as updating the delicious with offers, of course. Happy searching!

ETA: If you made an offer in any of the Sherlock Holmes fandoms and didn't clarify which one, please drop a comment here to let me know whether it should be tagged with fandom:sherlock (for the BBC series) or fandom:sherlockholmes2009 (for the movie), or possibly fandom:sherlockholmes(books). Thanks.

ETA 2: I AM ONLY GOING TO TAG FOR FANDOMS LISTED IN THE OFFER COMMENT. If you said something like "anything I've ever written" in your offer, PLEASE let me know what exactly you want listed because it's pretty time-consuming to keep going back to people's journals for their lists. If you just wanted to leave yourself open to options and would be okay using the fandom:any tag, please let me know that instead.

ETA 3: So! This is getting a little out of control for me (which is good! More offerings, yay!) - would anyone be willing to assist with tagging?

ETA 4: Thanks so much to arizonaicerose, amalnahurriyeh, and sairaali for offering to help out! We'd still love more volunteers though - specifically, someone to help clear up the tagging of anime fandoms? I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with regards to anime, so it would be amazing if someone could go back and figure out what I've messed up. Drop me a comment if you can help!

BIDDING HAS BEGUN! (and earlier!)

So due to popular demand and the fact that I have some new people on board helping out with this now (thank you arizonaicerose and myr_soleil for volunteering, and, of course, tresa_cho  and heidi8 for helping with the setup!)--we have decided to start the bidding early.

I apologize for the confusion and if there is any conflicting information in other posts, please disregard that and use this post as reference.


At that time, your mods will freeze the offerings posts and notify the winners.

The deadline for completions/deliveries for this round is OCTOBER 1ST, 2010 (ETA: for those of you who made offers with the February 14th deadline in mind and are offering goods that require more time to make, my apologies. You are welcome to edit your offer or leave a comment to it to the effect that you will deliver at a later date so your bidders are aware of this when they make their offers.)

Please note: THIS IS NOT A LIGHTNING ROUND. Depending on the response, we plan on having those once this round is over.




+ If you have already made a bid, don't worry about deleting it as we have begun. If you have not, you can simply comment on the offering that interests you.

+ Please check back or track the offering comment so that you can keep track of the progression of bidding and know if you have been outbid. You are allowed to bid multiple times and on multiple posts.

+ Once the round closes, you will be informed by the mods if you have won the round. Please then email your offerer a confirmation of donation -- the electronic receipt with personal information blackened out (mini-tutorial here) or a scan or photograph of a physical receipt once you have donated as long as the amount is on there and you have handwritten your lj username. If for some reason, you are hesitant about sending the confirmation to the offerer, you can email the mods at helppakistan.lj[at]gmail.com though we ask that you please do this as soon as possible and include your lj username and "donations" in the subject, and the offering thread in the email body. We will respect all personal information confidentiality and can get in touch with the offerer on your behalf but because we are expecting high email traffic this week, be aware that it will be slower than contacting the offerer yourself. Please remember that the offerer is not obligated to start working on your item until either a confirmation has been received. 

+ We are working by the honesty policy so it goes without saying that you should only use a specific donation confirmation for one offer. You can make multiple bid-related donations in one go but then please make sure to CC all offerers on your email and make a clear note so that each offerer can be sure that you have donated the amount you bid.


+ You are NOT REQUIRED to make donations, or match donations. However, because of the scale of this disaster, we encourage that you do so if you can. Either way, we appreciate that you are offering your services.  If you do choose to donate, you can let the mods know the amount so we can add it to our total for funds raised.

+ ETA: we request that you please include specific fandoms in your offering comments, if possible. [info]fiercynn has been kind enough to set-up a delicious account for us over here and it would help with the organization immensely to have fandom-specific tags rather than "any fandom I've written" for instance. Sorry to be a pain and thank you

+ We will be closing the posts to new offers roughly 24 hours before the bidding is closed (so around 1PM, SATURDAY AUGUST 28th) to make the management less chaotic. Bidding will still be open until Sunday afternoon.

+ Once the round closes (ie. on SUNDAY, AUGUST 29th), we will comment on your highest bidder letting them know they have won. It is then up to them to send you confirmation of their bid, by either a screen-capture of the e-confirmation/photo or scan of receipt/whatever method the two of you agree upon. If your bidder confirms with the mods, we will get in touch with you. More information will be up about that shortly. Once you have received the confirmation, you can work on the desired item bearing the delivery date in mind.

+ Please notify us once you have received donation confirmation. We now have a DONATION CONFIRMATION STATION where you can leave a comment with offer details so that we can keep track of things.

+ If you do not near from the winning bidder or the mods about a donation confirmation by TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7th drop us a line at the questions post.



+ Default currency is USD/Canadian dollar (we are equating them for now because 1 USD = 1.04 CDN right now and is close enough for our purposes).  Here is a currency converter should you need one for the bids.

+ Keep an eye out for the auction closing procedures and the donation confirmation station posts as they will be up in a few days. If you are unclear and want to get an idea of how they will be handled, we will stick more or less with help_haiti's protocol over here for a timed auction (as opposed to a lighning round). Just bear in mind our different timeline.

+ If you run into any confusion or conflicting information (as I may not have been entirely awake when typing this), you know where to go to let me know!


+ Also, we now have banners! Thank you, snowishness and arizonaicerose!

here is the code if you would like to help us advertise!

Collapse )


Master List of Charities/Aid Agencies

Links to All Offering Posts

Questions Post


Get ready to offer!

So this is the green light to go and sign up to make offers!

You can scroll down the main page (help_pakistan) to find the different offerings posts or go through the list of offerings to choose from at THIS POST.



Please use the next few days to spread the word, to your flists, fandom communities, wherever! And feel free to go through the offers posted and decide which ones you'd like to bid on when the time comes.

Again, we are using the help_haiti template so the information for bidding, closing, and confirmation procedures is here and here. However, for this community, confirmations--if not being send to the offerer--should be sent to mods at helppakistan.lj[at]gmail.com. Also, our charity list is slightly different and located over here.

If there are any questions, or if you would like to volunteer (as we will inevitably need help with keeping track of threads and logging the donations as they come in), please comment on the questions post.

Thank you and happy offering!

Donations and Charities/Aid Agencies List

There will be a more detailed post coming up about the auction-related donation process. We will try to follow the template used by help_haiti as it was successful in the past.

If you don't want to wait to donate, this is a list of recognized charity and aid groups who are accepting donations for the Pakistan Floods:

Red Cross (International Site) || Red Cross/Red Crescent

Pakistan Floods UNICEF Page
|| The Canadian UNICEF page

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

OXFAM International

Direct Relief International

Save the Children International

CARE International

Food for the Hungry

MercyCorps (you can donate via PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments)

Disasters Emergency Committee (UK)

Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Germany)

The Citizens Foundation || FTCF UK || TCF USA

Islamic Relief USA

Christian Aid UK

ICNA Relief Canada || Helping Hand Online

Rotary International

Aga Khan Foundation Canada

ETA: here is another list of some other local and international aid groups who are reliably providing aid to the affected regions.

As with
[info]help_haiti,  all funds will be donated directly by the highest bidder to the charity group of the offerer's choice once the auction closes on the night of Saturday August 28th. We recommend that it be on this list; however, if it is not then the bidder must send the donation confirmation to the offerer directly.  If there is no preference then the bidder can donate to the charity they choose, provided that the charity is on this list. Some sort of confirmation (screencapture of electronic receipt with personal information blacked out, scan or photo of physical receipt, etc) of the donations should go to the offerer.

Alternatively, winning bidders can email the community mods if they are not comfortable with forwarding receipts and the mods will contact your offerers asap. Either way, confirmations are required to be sent to the offerers or mods before the offerer can begin working on the auctioned item. Once the offerer has received confirmation, they should post on the donation confirmation station so that we can make note of this.

This is not a comprehensive list as we are still going through local and international groups that are helping and there are many groups involved. However, these are some of the most recognized groups and the ones we are recommending as we would encourage international participation and for the donations to be received as reliably as possible.

If you are aware of other charities or groups that are doing work and raising funds for this cause and you would like to add them to this list, we would encourage that you research them and bring them to our attention. Please drop a line on our questions post and we will look into it.

Thank you for your interest and participation.


Links to All Offering Posts

Please make offers and bids on the respective posts:

Word Offerings (fanfic, original fic, printed writing, other related services, etc)

Art Offerings (not graphics) (fanart, original art, designs, prints, 3-D art or accessories, fanvid, photography, etc)

Audio Offerings (podfics, original music, fanmixes, audio editing services, etc)

Freebie Offerings (beta services or icons/banners for contributing authors, etc)

Misc. Offerings (anything not covered above or combination-packages)

Pinch-hit Offerings (sign-ups for those of you who are willing to offer 'back-ups' in case we have offerers drop-out)

Once again, the goal for this round will be for things that can be delivered by October 1st (please ignore the Feb 14th on the misc. offerings post). If you will need more time to complete your project/deliver, please make this clear on your offering comment so that your bidders are aware of this beforehand.

If you have any questions, please ask them over here.